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Facial feminization surgery cost

Facial feminization surgery cost

For many people, the cost of facial feminization surgery is an underlying concern when considering how to make the surgical possibilities to show off a look with which they can feel more comfortable and better identified. Currently great benefits can be obtained through precise interventions that are more defining points for gender identity at first sight.

If you go to our feminization surgery clinic in Madrid, you can really take advantage of the potential of your face and the most recommended for intervention, thanks to the skill of our staff and specialized activity we developed techniques. And all you have at your disposal for a quality-adjusted treatment, with a budget that will be clear in advance if you contact us to discuss your case and your preferences prices.

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With the work carried out by the medical team led by Dr. Carlos Miera will submit to interventions with much interest and demand today as the remodeling of the front, lower jaw and chin, rhinoplasty, brow lift or modification of the upper lip. Cheek implants for feminization occupy an important place in our services, and other relevant operation is conducted regularly reducing the Adam's apple. Choosing the techniques that best suit you and following your preferences, you can adjust the physiognomy of your face satisfactorily

Dr. Carlos Miera provides consultation in medical centers of Ibiza and Madrid, with budgets for facial feminization operations that are more than reasonable. Do not hesitate to ask for advice about the surgeries at your disposal. Write or call us and we will answer your questions and give you an estimate of the applicable rates

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