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Feminization surgery Madrid

Feminization surgery Madrid

Our practice is a reference feminization surgery in Madrid because we address this area of specialized manner and have extensive training and experience in the field. Our service meets all major surgical interventions that reshape the face and give it a softer and closer to the feminine traits. It is getting a facial expression that allows you to be recognized as a woman at first sight.

To complement a sex reassignment process and power dotarte female face you want, deposit your trust in Dr. Carlos Miera and his team and so you can access feminization interventions in Spain that you might find useful. Our list of services includes the downsizing of some of the key features in the facial area: our team is ready to carry out interventions in reducing chin, jaw and ears.

Feminization surgery specialists in Madrid

Other facial remodeling which provides very tangible and associable gender differences include the eyebrows or lips, and can also realizarte settings that best help feminizarlos. Are you interested in cheek implants to feminization? Through this technique, you can wear a more prominent cheeks, although there is also the option of using injectables instead of introducing permanent prosthesis. Whatever your choice, we will make a difference and obtain results in line you expect

Do not hesitate to ask about the various procedures available to the patients in our service or about the cost of facial feminization surgery. You will raise an attractive estimate based on your interests and needs. With our guarantees and our personal attention, you'll take a step forward with confidence to an image with which you can feel identified satisfactorily.

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