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Feminization cheek implants

Feminization cheek implants

Have you thought about take advantage cheek implants to the feminization? This intervention is among the more interesting when it comes to adapting the face of female identity, getting a physiognomy that is identifiable spontaneously as a woman. Dr. Carlos Miera develops a complete list of services related to gender reassignment process, using the most current recommended to adapt some of the most important in the face of a more feminine characteristics technical features

Thus, the cheeks are a party in which the volume difference between men and women is pronounced. If you put yourself in our hands to submit to this procedure included in our proposal feminization surgery in Madrid, we can provide a more prominent cheekbones, that fit the usual parameters in the female face. Of course, the volume and the final placement of the implants we place will depend not only on the current features of your face, but also on the preferences you indicate on the final result

Cheek implants for feminization to your needs

The method we use for this operation is based on female cheeks using plastic implants that are inserted through the gums completely safely. However, an alternative to the implants consisting of infiltration of liquids. Do not forget to consult to find the option that may be more of interest, and for us to estimate the cost of your facial feminization surgery, which could include other interventions that are of interest. Note that as part of our service we can also act on the forehead, chin, jaw, upper lip, eyebrows ... providing them with softer features using techniques that combine effectiveness and better patient comfort

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