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Welcome to the facial feminization surgery

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We offer the following techniques:

Rhinoplasty, Forehead Recontouring, Jaw Reduction, Lifting, Cheek implants, and so on, will definitely allow you to be recognized as a woman at first sight.

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Our goal is to smooth the facial features in order to gain more feminine appearance

Acquire more feminine facial features is feasible as a result of rebuilding parts of the face which define the gender of the person.

- Dr. Carlos Miera

About us

Dr. Carlos Miera, maxillofacil surgeon and specialist in facial aesthetics, operates in Madrid and Ibiza island doing consultations in both cities, also, performs surgical activities in Madrid at Hospital Virgen del Mar, Hospital Madrid, Hospital Virgen de La Paloma, Clínica Quantum, according to the type of surgery and the patient comfort; also in Ibiza at the Hospital Nª Señora del Rosario. Have a consultation in Madrid at Instituto RPM and Imagen Maxilofacial, or in Ibiza at Hospital Nª Señora del Rosario and Clínica Picazo.

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Facial Feminization Surgery, known as CFF or FFS, is a set of surgeries that allow you to be recognized as a woman at first sight. The goal is to achieve more feminine traits, through the recontruction of the most important parts which define the gender of the person .

Forehead Recontouring

The forehead is the most visible part on the people's face and is a crucial part that indicates clearly whether a person is male or female, as it is very different between genders. On the one hand, the men foreheads are larger and more bulging because of the frontal sinuses located above the nose are covered by a solid bone that projects itself forward by above the eyes. On the other hand, the female foreheads are more narrow and smooth, and the frontal bone is thinner. It usually has a continuous roundness and draws a vertical line.


In most cases, the female nose is smaller and thinner than men. The difference is perceived in the holes, which are often smaller, also they could have a smooth curvature or straight with sharper tips. If you plan to make the forehead feminization, you should do this at the same time, so as to get a more natural union.

Jaw Reduction

Female jaw is usually thinner than the male , especially under the ears. If you look straight a face, you will notice that female jaws are narrow and triangular, and end in a delicate and fine chin. During the feminization process, apart from reduce the jaw, it also require sharpening the jaw in order to achieve a triangular shape which harmonizes with the chin.

Chin Reduction

Male chins differ in shape and size of the female, they are usually square and wide, whereas the female ones are narrower, they have pointed ends and less projection. This surgery seeks a full harmony, for this reason there are different techniques to achieve it and it applies an analysis to define the chin better.

Upper Lip Lift

In women, the distance between the upper lip and the nose is usually shorter than men's, this often cause that few parts of the teeth appear visible when you keep your mouth half-opened. It is a common feature of feminine beauty, and also is associated with youth.

Cheek Implants

In the female face, the cheekbones are often more prominent, high and plump. Also, it occupy a larger portion of the face. In contrast, men's cheekbones have less projection, for this reason their faces are flatter.

Adam's Apple Reduction

The Adam's apple is a notable characteristic and usual in men. It is a cartilage that protects the vocal cords. The correction of this feature is one of the simplest surgeries, and it is necessary as it makes a significantly difference in the process of feminization.

Eyebrow Lift

The eyebrows define our emotions, mood, and especially masculine or feminine expressions. As a part of the process of feminization, it seeks to relocate the eyebrows with a more arched shape, which is a female feature, since men´s eyebrows are usually straight and low.

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